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Le Grand Rex (photo credit parisinfo.com)

Le Grand Rex

Paris, Paris, France

First Opened: 8th December 1932 (91 years ago)

Atmospheric Style: Spanish Deco

Architect: Auguste Bluysen

Website: www.legrandrex.com Link opens in new window

Address: 1 Boulevard Poissonniere, Paris 75002 Link opens in new window


The 3,300-seat theatre opened in early December 1932 with a screening of Les Trois Mousquetaires / The Three Musketeers (1932) Link opens in new window starring Aime Simon-Girard, Henri Rollan and Thomy Bourdelle.

Le Grand Rex was designed by architect Auguste Bluysen, with interior decoration by Maurice Dufrêne in consultation with noted American theatre architect, and pioneer of the Atmospheric theatre style, John Eberson.

Current seating capacity is 2,702 which, according to the Cinema Treasures Link opens in new window website, is the largest single screen movie auditorium by seating capacity throughout all of Europe.

It seems more than probable that Le Grand Rex had an influence on David Rockwell’s early 2000’s design for the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, California.

See more pn YouTube here: https://youtu.be/vpkBdH-m4f0 Link opens in new window.

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Photos of Le Grand Rex

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Le Grand Rex: Auditorium from House Left, courtesy <i>Le Grand Rex</i>
Auditorium from House Left, courtesy Le Grand Rex
Le Grand Rex: House Right Auditorium Detail, courtesy <i>Sortira Paris</i>
House Right Auditorium Detail, courtesy Sortira Paris
Le Grand Rex: Auditorium from House Right, courtesy <i>A.hellmann via Urbansider</i>
Auditorium from House Right, courtesy A.hellmann via Urbansider

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