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Indiana Theatre Event Center (photo credit Wikipedia user LgnLndstrm)

Indiana Theatre Event Center

Terre Haute, Indiana, United States

First Opened: 28th January 1922 (100 years ago)

Atmospheric Style: Proto-Atmospheric

Architect: John Eberson

Former Name: Indiana Theatre

Website: www.indianatheater.com Link opens in new window

Address: 683 Ohio St, Terre Haute, IN 47807 Link opens in new window

National Register of Historic Places: #83004578 Link opens in new window (added 13th November 1997)


The Indian Theatre was the second of architect John Eberson’s proto-atmospheric theatres. We see a move towards Moorish styles, with false balconies added to the sidewalls and the organ grilles designed to look like backlit windows.

As the original owner T.W. Barhydt put it, the Indian Theatre is “more than a theatre, more than a picture show, more than a great orchestral concert, more than a building of architectural beauty and comfort”, it was an experience all its own. As a guest enters and walks through the theatre, he is embraced by lighting and colors that emulate the lifecycle of the day created through patterns and colors inspired by 17th century Spanish Andalusia. In the rotunda the colors shift from light pastel in the Churrigueresque style plasterwork, to fierce reds and golds of a sunrise in the railing, leaving the remnants of dawn in the deep burgundies of the dome sky.

Eberson would followup the Indiana Theatre with his next and final proto-Atmospheric theatre, the Orpheum Theatre in Wichita, Kansas.

Information sourced from Cinema Treasures Link opens in new window.

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Photos of the Indiana Theatre Event Center

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Indiana Theatre Event Center: Indiana Theatre Event Center, courtesy Wikipedia user <i>LgnLndstrm</i>
Indiana Theatre Event Center, courtesy Wikipedia user LgnLndstrm
Indiana Theatre Event Center: Lobby Ballroom, courtesy <i>Indiana Theatre Event Center</i>
Lobby Ballroom, courtesy Indiana Theatre Event Center
Indiana Theatre Event Center: Stage from Balcony, courtesy <i>Indiana Theatre Event Center</i>
Stage from Balcony, courtesy Indiana Theatre Event Center

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