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Lensic Performing Arts Center (photo credit Hoopes + Associates Architects)

Lensic Performing Arts Center

Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

First Opened: 24th June 1931 (92 years ago)

Reopened: 20th April 2001

Atmospheric Style: Spanish Garden

Architects: Boller Brothers

Former Name: Lensic Theatre

Website: lensic.org Link opens in new window

Address: 211 W San Francisco St, Santa Fe, NM 87501 Link opens in new window


The 1,000-seat Lensic Theatre opened in June 1931, designed by Robert O. Boller of the Boller Brothers. The atmospheric design was initially called Castilian Spanish, later pseudo-Moorish, and even Spanish Renaissance!

The Lensic name – the result of a public competition – not only combined the initials of theatre builder E. John Greer’s six grandchildren, but also suggested the lens of a movie projector and the scenic splendor of the theater’s interior.

Some remodeling work was carried out in the late-1940’s by architectural firm Brittelle, Ginner & Neuner.

Closed in 1999, the Lensic Theatre received a $8.2 million restoration after a successful fund raising effort led by Ms. Nancy Zeckendorf of Santa Fe, who serves as Chair of the Board.

The theatre was renamed as the Lensic Performing Arts Center in 2001, and is now a gathering place for the famous artistic community as well as a venue for music, theatre, film, and more.

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Historic Photos & Documents
Auditorium, courtesy <i>Hoopes + Associates Architects</i> (JPG)
Auditorium, courtesy Hoopes + Associates Architects (JPG)
Auditorium, courtesy <i>Hoopes + Associates Architects</i> (JPG)
Auditorium, courtesy Hoopes + Associates Architects (JPG)
Auditorium from Stage, courtesy <i>Hoopes + Associates Architects</i> (JPG)
Auditorium from Stage, courtesy Hoopes + Associates Architects (JPG)
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