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Plaza Theatre (photo credit Plaza Theatre, Glasgow)

Plaza Theatre

Glasgow, Kentucky, USA

First Opened: 23rd August 1934 (89 years ago)

Reopened: 17th April 2005

Atmospheric Style: Spanish Courtyard

Architect: Dixon Rapp

Website: www.historicplaza.com Link opens in new window

Address: 115 E. Main Street, Glasgow, KY 42141 Link opens in new window


The 1,500-seat Plaza Theatre was built by Bruce Aspley and opened in 1934 with the Harold Lloyd movie The Cat’s Paw Link opens in new window, although the theatre was originally announced in the Spring of 1931 and construction started sometime thereafter.

In 1973 Bruce Aspley sold the theatre to the Slinker family, who exhibited movies and rented the theatre to local groups.

The theatre closed in the 1990s and was purchased by the City of Glasgow in September 2001. Subsequently the theatre underwent renovation and reopened in April 2005. It now comfortably seats 1,034 (Main Floor 783, Balcony 243).

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Photos of the Plaza Theatre

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Plaza Theatre: Auditorium side wall, courtesy <i>Graeme McBain</i>
Auditorium side wall, courtesy Graeme McBain
Plaza Theatre: Auditorium, courtesy <i>Plaza Theatre</i>
Auditorium, courtesy Plaza Theatre
Plaza Theatre: Auditorium, courtesy <i>Hope Deckard</i>
Auditorium, courtesy Hope Deckard

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