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Special Events

Special Events

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Vista Theatre

“Attack The Block” in 35mm (15th March 2019, 23:59)

“Attack The Block” in 35mm

2011 not only brought us the Indonesian action jaw dropper The Raid but also the laugh out loud mind blowingly inventive low budget UK sci-fi action comedy epic Attack The Block. This is the movie that introduced John Boyega (soon to be known as Finn in the Star Wars movies) to the world. Boyega plays, with star-making power, Moses, the leader of a group of working class British kids and hooligans. After initial success killing what they think is a lone alien, they discover they have to single handedly take on an army of carnivorous “bigger” aliens who somehow decide to land and take over their apartment complex.

Add Attack the Block to your list of low budget miracles that includes The Evil Dead, Dead Alive, and Duel. Hilarious, inventive, action packed, and surprisingly touching from its very first scene, Attack the Block is the kind of low budget action film we don’t see enough of. The filmmakers leave it all out on the field and we the audience are lucky recipients of the genius of that approach.

Tickets $11 - $54.

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