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Theatre Architects

Theatre Architects

Here you can find out about the architect firms and individual architects associated with the theatres featured on this website.

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Welton Becket and Associates

The firm of Welton D. Becket and Associates succeeded the firm of Wurdeman and Becket (1939-1949); it was continued by Welton Becket Associates”, 1970-1988, following Welton Becket’s death in 1969. Offices were established in Los Angeles (1933), San Francisco (1949), New York (1950), and Houston (1960).

In the 1980s, the Welton Becket Office was sometimes referred to as the “Becket Group, Architects”. The primary name it went by in the professional literature was “Welton Becket Associates”, not “Welton D. Becket and Associates”.

In 1988, Welton Becket Associates joined with Ellerbe Associates of Minneapolis, to form Ellerbe Becket. Franklin Ellerbe had founded the firm in 1909. At this merger, Ellerbe took control of Becket, and the headquarters moved to Minneapolis. Ellerbe Becket’s initial six offices were located in Minneapolis, Los Angeles, New York, Washington, DC, Chicago, IL, and Tampa, FL.

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